Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let the stitching begin

Tuesday quilting is back into full swing for 2013 and this year there is hope that we will be more disciplined about 1st Tuesday of the month for our show and tell and really celebrate the creative genius of us all whether we be new quilters, old hands or true artists. We have so much to share with each other and learn from regardless of how much talent we think we dont have. We are each others family here in Singapore as only a few have family members easily accessible (besides hard working spouses). So many are generous with their time and skills and there should be a collective thankyou to all those who have set the framework for this great group. Make Tuesdays a time to get to know each other as we have new members joining regularly and old hands who have so much to offer. Let us all know what you all want from the group and if you have skills that you want to share in tutorial form. This is your group and there is so much to be able to contribute and take away. Lets make 2013 a very productive and creative year.
On this note we are all very grateful to the Hollande Club for offering us a venue to meet in and for the great lunches that they serve. It is a fun meeting place and convenient for a lot of us. 

Jessies comforting colour

ANZA quilters have had a busy "off" season even though most of us have been scattered to the four corners of this world over the Christmas period. Jessie, with help from her friends put her stress over a family illness to good use to create an amazing quilt in a very short period of time. She has returned to the US to wrap the patient in it and we are very sure that it will add cheer and delight to the recipient.

Marianne brought her wonderful mother in law to a Tuesday session and related the tale of this wedding quilt which is going to a new home in Holland to take up residency. The detail on the quilt is quite remarkable and although the couple who it was originally made for are no longer together, the artwork will be appreciated on another continent and will bring joy to others for a long time.

For those new to this blog and group, Sandra has taken responsibilty for ensuring that all those who might be leaving or have birthdays, get a gift block to have as a memory to turn into a quilt or other creative pieces. Sandra has everyone's birthday recorded but neglected!!!! to put herself in the draw. So she very quietly had a significant birhday over the holiday period but we all outsmarted her and have been busliy making her memory blocks in her favouite colours. Late blocks are still coming in so she has a great selection. She loved our thoughfullness and we all loved the variety of blocks. Happy, happy birthday Sandra. For those new to the group, we make 12 1/2 inch blocks and they are often in a chosen pattern or free choice, are made "secretly" and presented to the recipient with accolades all round. It is a fun project to do, only takes about an hour to complete and is a great way to reward each other. Full details are emailed from Sandra when the time is close.

Talented Marianne brought this in for show and tell. The brief from one of her other quilting groups was to create a self portrait in A3 size. Although the details have been lost in this photo, this piece is amazing with the photo being replicated in fabric and beautiful free motion quilting and as a Kiwi, she has managed to infuse a great deal of her homeland into this one piece.

Elizabeth has so kindly created a block of the month folk art quilt which has been an enormous task and now has eight regular participants in creating their own versions. It would be great to continue to blog the amazing variety of colours and styles that are being created from this one theme so if those in the group could bring for show and tell the photos will appear here for all to appreciate in a future blog. Here are two of Elizabeth's latest blocks. There are 23 in all so there is a lot of stitching going on! Those birds have amazing movement from just clever fussy cutting.



Melissa rejoined us today and we all squealed with delight when she came in with 8 week old Tom. Carole was badly behaved and stole that baby for 3 hours of cuddling and oohinh and ahhhing. Her excuse was that she needed the practice for the new grandbaby that her daughter is expecting. The baby quilt that she was working on was cast aside so the day was lost for stitching but was rich in special cuddling moments. Big congratulations Melissa.

Happy Chinese New Year to all and enjoy the year of the snake. It is a big deal here in Singapore and part of an amazing culture which has taught us all so much. Inspiring for many and the Asian theme has been sighted in many an expat quilt!

So the big wet is still with us and we are all enjoying the cooler breezes but not the numerous pairs of shoes that have been ruined when unexpectedly caught in a storm. However, the upside is that quilting through layers is not quite so uncomfortable.

So quilt on girls and enjoy this amazing time in our lives. We have all worked hard and deserve to be good to ourselves. That means buy that piece of fabric.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank You!

So sorry for the blogging absence.  No excuses.

We wish to say a very big THANK YOU to Chris, who looked after our blog so diligently and has now returned to Australia.  There were many positive comments, so thanks Chris and we hope you enjoy your new venture.

These are some of the things we have been up to over the past couple of months.  Please let me know if you would like any labels added to the photos - my notes are definitely MIA.

Carole has kindly agreed to take after the hosting job here, so please welcome her and I'm sure she'll visit this little space much more than I've managed to.

So Happy New Year and welcome to the Snake.  Alison