Friday, August 22, 2014

Anza Quilters Tuesday 19 August

We were a small group again this week but we did finish the top of the charity quilt that we are working on....

This is now heading off to our super dooper long arm quilter to be quilted!

Kathy showed us her wonderful pink and white quilt.  This lovely quilt was heavily quilted in straight lines and looks fabulous...

The last quilt on display was one of Marianne's customer t-shirt quilts which has also just been quilted on Jessie's new long arm machine.  This one is ready for trimming, binding and then will be winging its way to Australia.

Special thanks to Edwin, (staff of the Hollandse club) for being a good sport and standing on the tables and taking the photos for us!

Some of us will be going to KL to visit the MANZA quilt group in the first week of September.   We will be driving up on the Tuesday and coming back Thursday.

Programme will look a bit like this:

Day 1 - tues sept 2 nd . Ladies will arrive around lunch time . As an ice breaker we have the jelly roll race which should be fun !  

Day 2 - Marianne will do a workshop on fabric postcards . Later Elaine will demo for a confetti quilt , which we could do at a later date when the KL ladies comes down to us . 

Day 3 - just a short project that we can finish in a morning, this will be Manza's choice- maybe the scrap fabric baskets or a thread catcher or something  like that . 

We will order in lunch and dinner is yet to be planned. 

There is still space available if any more would like to come.   Please contact either Roberta or Marianne.

See you all next Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Charity quilt project

It's been a while since our last blog post, and a lot has happened since then....

We have said goodbye to several members who have gone back to their home countries. One of these is Carole who was doing a great job on our blog. Thanks  Carole for all your work and we wish you and your family all the best in settling back home in Australia . We have also said our goodbyes to Sandra, Marg, Elizabeth and Patty (temporarily as we have to share Patty with the USA for a couple of months each year)

We also welcomed new members including Roberta,  Leone , Lily, Kym and Sharon.  (My  apologies if I have missed anyone)

The last couple of weeks we have been busy working on a charity quilt at our weekly meetings at the Hollandse club.  This will hopefully be raffled off for a charity once it's finished. Great teamwork everyone and the quilt looks great!

 Charity quilt blocks

Busy behind the machines

From Left: Wendy, Ya Hui,Leone,Kathy, Kath and Roberta

Next week we are not meeting at the Hollandse club but will be back there on the 12th of August.