Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Slice and Dice Batik Quilt

My Grandmother interested me in quilting when I was very young. I loved the
feeling of connectedness with women in my family through the generations. I
asked her to make me a quilt for my wedding and she did. Since then Ive repaired
old quilts and used pieces of others work to pull together quilts for my
grandchildren but this is the first Start-to Finish quilt Ive made on my own. I
found it quite challenging. I had help choosing the colors. Colors are not my
strong point. Accuracy is the key. I had to rip out some of my squares because
they were not accurate enough to end up giving me a quilt with square corners.
Its a bit odd when one side is two inches longer than the other. I wasnt happy
with the backing and spent a great deal of time pinning it so that it would come
out even.
It took a great deal of courage on my part to start each new phase
but once I started it and saw that it was going to work, I picked up speed and
confidence. Its worth doing. Im very happy with it.
Ellen Starmer, The Slice
and Dice Batik Quilt, Singapore, 2008