Saturday, August 28, 2010

Singapore Quilters Challenge 2010

For our newer members and a reminder for the oldies, the quilters of Singapore Challenge 2010 is themed "Curves & Circles"  
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Quilters in Singapore Challenge - Wednesday 3 November 2010

Curves and Circles
Actual and Illusionary

Curves and circles make for a very interesting and pleasing design whether by machine or hand piecing, or through appliqué. Some quilt blocks give an optical illusion of curves and movement even if they
are comprised of straight seams e.g. the storm at sea. All the infinite variations on this theme may be displayed.

Quilt challenge rules:
- Choose carefully a design that demonstrates circles and curves – they must be clearly shown for your entry to be judged in the competition.

- Any quilted item will be accepted e.g. clothing, soft furnishings, quilts etc.

- An unfinished item may be considered for judging depending on the circumstances.

- Please keep in mind that there is a limited display and we will be unable to accept any entry that exceeds 60" by 60".
- Each entry must be able to be hung. Quilts should have a sleeve (2"– 4" opening depending on the size of your piece) attached in a way that will not show when the quilt is hanging. Other items may be hung with large pegs or pinned to boards.

- A normal quilt label may be attached in the usual way but must not be visible during the Exhibition.

- Please securely attach a paper label to your entry containing your full name and address as it appears on your application form to ensure its safe return.

- The entries submitted for the Challenge Exhibition will be handled many times during the set-up of the displays. While great care is taken to protect the items in the collection as much as possible, breakable embellishments and other breakable props may become damaged. When designing your entry these factors should be taken into consideration so that entries are not overly fragile. Entries must be foldable to a manageable size.

- Your entry form must be received by the 19th of October 2009. No late entries will be accepted. Finished items must be available for hanging at the venue one full day before the Challenge Lunch and will be returned as soon after the Exhibition as possible.