Sunday, June 3, 2012

Education by Stealth!

Sandy has done such a good job choosing and explaining the memory block patterns that many of us have  improved our skills, almost painlessly, without realising it!  It's easy to fall into a quilting groove, but Sandy is helping us to venture out of our comfort zones.
Quilting Comfort Zone - def: choosing quilt patterns that you think you can whip up in no time (never happens) and won't cause too much angst!
Our latest block (for Kallie's farewell, but more on that next week) used a pattern called 'Oregon or Bust' found in Bonnie Hunter's book. And here's a picture...
This pattern really fosters creativity. Fussy cutters let loose and some used the four corner squares to experiment with fabric painting - can you guess which ones from this picture? I thought we'd have a closer look at some of the blocks this time.
Sandy's block set the bar high.

^Perfect use of Alexander Henry fabric.

If I've missed some it's because I wasn't methodical with my picture taking, sorry.Yes, the last 2 blocks are hand painted. How clever, Marg and Marianne!
So keep up the challenges Sandy - we are having a lot of fun!

And now for something completely different...

There's inspiration for quilters everywhere in Singapore. This is the floor of the PS Cafe... anyone have other Singapore photos to share?

Bye for now...

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