Monday, October 15, 2012

Lots of Colour!

As beautiful as Singapore is, sometimes you can feel a little 'greened' out! So its great to head off to ANZA quilters for a little colour injection. 

Marianne demonstrated  that her flair for colour is not limited to quilting and dyeing fabrics.In her self made skirt the vibrant fabric is perfectly balanced by the black panel. Great look. Very cute baby's quilt too.

Now I couldn't be more impressed with this quilt. The colours are so cheerful and there's no holes (my term for when a colour blurs with the background), but also, the quilting is so meticulous. Jesse, a new member, welcome!, used the embroidery hoop on her machine, and incredible patience, to create an effect that was well worth the effort.

Finally this quilt can see the light of day. After months of sewing the octagons, (yes hexagons would have been a lotttt easier) the maker banished this quilt to the cupboard, but  can now face it. Some good examples of the 'holes' I mentioned earlier.  I'm not being mean, it's mine!

And finally...

A lot of us are off to the 'Quilters of Singapore' lunch tomorrow. Great to spend time with other fabric lovers and see what the rest of the quilting community has been up to this year. Kate is modelling Elizabeth's charity quilt! Kate and Alison have contributed a lot of effort to making the lunch a success and we thank them.

So there are many vibrant colours to be found in Singapore, and, to be honest, being surrounded by greenery is a great way to live!

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