Monday, March 18, 2013

Quilts, quilts and more quilts

There is no stopping these vibrant and busy women of Singapore. The productivity and creativity is amazing. Here are some of the recent offerings...

early Christmas or very late!!!!!
superb applique
Marg's sampler quilt hand pieced and perfect
baby quilt for Archie
Elizabeth's delightful baby quilt
Beautiful Baltimore by talented Angeles... a year in the making
Kathy Illingworth's fun and vibrant embroidery
Rhonda's BOM beginnings
Marianne's great colour scheme

A few more links that might be useful to readers. There is an amazing online shop in Hawaii called Fabric Mart, They have a wide selection of asian fabrics, hawaiian designs and patchwork cottons at good prices and the selection can keep a quilter busy for hours. Readers might also be interested in the numerous on line tutorials available through youtube. Favourites are, Try a search and be amazed at what techniques and delights await you from cyberspace.

Its not always sweat and toil on a Tuesday. Recently some of the group caught up for a luncheon and chat with not a piece of fabric in sight. The venue was great although the weather is getting hotter as we leave the wet season behind, so the outdoor setting was a little steamy. It was a great chance to meet and greet as well as catch up with news other than our latest creations. Quilters are a very interesting lot and especially here in Singapore with such an eclectic mix.

Members are reminded that this blog is all about you and the featured projects are only a glimpse of the talent and ability of our members. Some of these women are only beginners but the generosity of those more experienced has made for some excellent outcomes.

More baby quilting from Kirstyn

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