Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today we welcomed a visitor……

from Canada. We met at Maurine’s and welcomed Ada who is visiting family in SingaporeIt sounded like we had a few people interested in travelling there next year to seeCanada’s big exhibition! It was lovely to meet you Ada and thank you for your kind giftsto everyone. Thanks also to Maurine and her girls for the delicious lunch provided.We discussed a project I am involed in which is making Wonky Star blocks for victims ofthe horrific bushfires in Victoria, Australia. I personally know of a few people who havelost their lives and others who’ve lost their homes, businesses, schools & all their possessions. There are many Quilting Groups and Guilds in Australia who are now committedto providing quilts for all these people, as well as the volunteers and emergency servicestaff who do such wonderful work protecting people and property.I will add some links in another post with a tutorial, examples and what some quilters arealready achieving.

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