Monday, June 22, 2009

Show & Tell June

Melinda&Dal quilt

I need more info on this quilt, but do know it was made by Melinda who has donated it to Dal’s African charity. 



This is for Miranda’s & George’s son Brett (who some of you met) who turned 30 in January.  Before starting her Cambridge English Language Teacher’s course –all Miranda could make was a promise, not a quilt. 
Unusually for a guy, Brett was very definite not just about the colours but the tones too.  However despite the huge selection of browns, oranges and chocolate found,  none of the colours were to his liking. So whilst in Melbourne Spotlight, the Gutterman cotton rack was used to select the exact colours/tones.  Then Miranda just carried around 3 cotton reels and scoured every material and quilting shop she knew in Victoria and NSW. On the last day in Australia driving back from her nephew’s farm in Gippsland, she found the exact 3 colours in a little quilt shop in Bairnsdale she’d never noticed before.
Since finishing the course, she machine pieced Brett’s quilt and hand quilted it. Little Mya will be delivering the quilt to Australia for her big brother in these school holidays. 
Maggie encouraged Miranda to attempt her first hand quilting, lent her the quilting table and mentored her through the process.  Brett has not seen it yet, but is sure to  enjoy it in his new home that he moves into the week Mya arrives.