Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Works in Progress

Hi everyone, thought we'd have a look at what some of our members are working on at the moment.

Mel is hand quilting this pretty lap size quilt. The colours look so fresh.

Chris is enjoying playing around with the Joel
Dewberry Heirloom range of fabrics. 

Roslyn is adding final touches to her Chinese lantern quilt. To tassel or not on a bed quilt? I say yes! Love tassels.

Will take a photo that does this quilt justice when it's finished

Rhonda's Quilts.

A new member of our group (welcome!) showed us some of her quilts

Love the colours and details. Use your zoom for a good look!

And now for something completely different...

The topic today turned to the dilemmas of sitting in one position for a long time while we hand or machine sew, (some of us seem to lose all track of time!). Quilter's back, quilter's shoulder and quilter's wrist were mentioned, as was 'upper thoracic syndrome' (now that sounds impressive). We discussed the need for warm up exercises and regular breaks and some people shared some good stretches with the group.

1. Place hands in front of you. Rotate like so (only as far as comfortable). Shoulders back. Arms straight and lean back a little. Aaagh, relaxing.

2. This time place tops of hands on the table. shoulders back, arms straight and lean forward a little. 

If you are having real problems with wrists, arms, shoulders, backs etc its probably safer to see a doctor first.  If anyone has other tips, please share them with us so we can quilt on into old age! 

Bye for now...

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