Wednesday, March 28, 2012


If you take ten quilters and put them in a room with 200 hexagons would:
a) they come up with the perfect quilt
b) the hexies get moved around so much that they end up in their original positions or
c) both of the above.
I'll leave mathematical quandaries to Cathy and Elizabeth. I just think the result is purdy!
We've all really enjoyed contributing to this quilt and Vicki has discovered that no two quilters can make the same size hexagon! Hopefully, it will all come out in the wash. No...I don't know what I mean.
So now, the simple task of putting it all together. May the force be with you Vicki.

What else is happening...

Christina brought in this wonderful Christmas quilt. The details were exquisite and the uneven border gave it some quirkiness.

Marg is working on this lovely hand appliqué. It was to be a cushion but she is enjoying it so much it may just become part of a larger quilt. She's pretty nifty with the needle, so it won't take her long.
Sandy has been working on this sophisticated quilt for a year, but has a July deadline. Sew like the wind Sandy.  There will be 4 similar blocks using Trapunto - mmm, of course. For those of us who are still grappling with the technicalities of quilting, me for one (bet they didn't know that when they let me loose on the blog) 'trapunto'  is Italian for 'to embroider' but is also known as the 'stuffed technique'...   Seriously.  Sounds like a technique you could never get wrong! Anyhoo, you can either use an extra layer or 2 under your appliqué , or you can slit the underside and add in padding later on, to produce a raised surface effect.

And now for something completely different...

A handy hint from Angeles.
The 20 kgs luggage limit on many airlines is roughly equal to 120yards (109 metres) of fabric. This was useful information for some of our members who travelled to Bali on a fabric buying spree. The fabric merchant offered to weigh their luggage for them as a value added service! How thoughtful of him!

Bye for now


One Little Thread said...

The Hexagons quilt is going to look FABULOUS!
Cannot wait to try out the luggage allowance either.

Interested. said...

This blog makes me wish my fingers were more supple.