Thursday, April 19, 2012


    Yes it's Springtime in Singapore, so it's time to take the warmer quilts off your beds and swap them for lighter ones...  OK, OK. So in reality it's hard for the expats amongst us to detect any difference in the climate throughout the year here, despite the clothes' shops changing the fashions with the seasons, but we can pretend!
     So with this in mind, here's some fabulous quilts complete with flowers, birds and beautiful bright colours!

Elizabeth was bursting with joy at the progress she has made on this BOM (block of the month) quilt from Material Obsession.

Below are some of the lovely little details.

A few months ago Andrea bought in her version of the same quilt. Quite different, but equally gorgeous. 

And here is Kate's half finished block,  love how the colours really pop! 

These quilts seem very challenging, especially if you consider the need for so many tiny hexagons. But the effort seems worth it, given the wonderful results.

And to finish, here's a colourful vase of flowers by Janice. Love the vase fabric. If it looks familiar that's because it is similar to the one Marg is making. Janice is making the quilt version, which will be great to see when it is finished.  We were treated to some excellent tips from Janice on hand appliqué. I need all the help I can get -my last attempt saw me so profligate with the glue I couldn't get a needle through!

And now for something completely different...

Well not exactly, I just love that heading!

Janice finds these tweezers indispensable for appliqué work. I thought she must have purchased them at huge expense from a specialty store but it turns out you can pick up a pair for two dollars at PNC Traders Blk 34 Upper Cross Street, #2-150. It's a beauticians supply store. We shuddered at the thought of what a beautician needs to do with them... 

Bye for now.

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