Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You Can't Hide!

Ok girls. Holidays are over. Time to get back to quilting, cos we miss you, and we are making plans..... without you! Having said that, there was actually a small but lively group of us in attendance at Ye Olde Holland Club today.  The Dutch influence is slowly infiltrating as many of us opted for the Pea Soup from  quite a varied menu. But I digress...

The Plan.
Since we all enjoyed making the farewell blocks and also admired the Crazy Birds quilts, Elizabeth proposed that we initiate an ANZA Quilter's Block of the Month drive. She is happy to introduce a design we could all turn into individual masterpieces that can be shared/ shown off/ hidden form view (if we see how good everyone else's is!) once a month. It's a good way to learn new skills, as some of our more experienced quilters have offered to help the more sewingly challenged. What does everyone think? Bring your views along next week.

Now For Some Colour Therapy...

Feeling lacklustre? I like to blast my eyes with happy fabric, feel good moments. Here's some complementary examples from our members' works in progress.
First up we have Kate, who's great sense of colour we all know and love.
Here's a pretty one from our new member, (welcome!) Patty.
Some impressive blocks form Elizabeth.
A lovely idea - husband and wife handprints (pun intended!) forever joined on a quilt.
The beginnings of some black and white coasters (just for balance).

And now for something completely different...

Romance in Singapore. What a lovely surprise to chance upon a heart flower created by an anonymous Singaporean in the Botanic gardens.  Sweet!

Bye for now...

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I am always pleased by what I find on this blog.