Monday, August 13, 2012

50 Kinds of Heat!

Keep cool and Quilt on......... It's the hottest time of the year in Singapore, so not really the best time to rest a large quilt on your lap for some hand quilting! Luckily there are smaller projects to occupy us and thank goodness for air conditioners! So, apart from perspiring, what are the ANZA Quilters up to?

Here is the first Block of the Month designed by Elizabeth. Lots of scope to play with colours and fussy cutting. We can also use the tip from a few months ago  where foil is used to create crisp circles. Patterns and instructions are kindly supplied by Elizabeth during Tuesday meetings.

Kate was busy basting this superb quilt that looks even better in real life. She will now hand quilt it, using a frame - on a stand to keep the heat away!

In between creating BOMs Elizabeth has embarked  upon the journey of creating her version of the pictured quilt. Always fun to make the very first cut into a fabric for a new quilt.

Little tip...

Who'd have thought? When blades get blunt, fold up a piece of tin foil (about 4 layers) and start slicing through, over and over. It really does prolong the life of a blade. 

Something completely different...
Thanks Roslyn for your 'Singapore Inspiration' photo. Keep them coming.

PS. Anyone who'd like there finished quilts or even works in progress featured, please bring them to tuesday meetings. It's great to show them off! Alison and Chris are happy to take photos, you can even email your own photos to us.

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StitchyAddiction said...

Wow, love Kate's quilt. It looks fab!! As does Elizabeth's BOM. I miss you all still and have not found a group in EngLand yet. Seems they are all quilting in their closets!!
I was so inspired by all you lovely ladies that I am about to start my first "MO" block of the month - the Kaffe sampler.
uuuugh that heat sounds horrible. don't miss it at all but rather enjoy snuggling up under a quilt. Xxx