Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Show and Tell Showdown

With great enthusiasm our members have been creating, finishing, sorting and enjoying not only our Tuesday gatherings at the Hollandse Club but also every other day of the week by the look of the production output.
Although we have some newer members, everyone seems most at ease and friendly and we are all very happy in each others company.

Missing was our good friend Kathy who is in hospital with dengue fever, a mosquito born illness that is very debilitating and not uncommon here in the tropics. We are hopeful of a speedy recovery and a return to her happy, ebullient self soon. Thanks daughter Rebecca for keeping us in the loop.

It was show and tell Tuesday and the work was bountiful. Here is a snapshot:

Wendy's Wonderful Work
Wendy is creating a quilt with a flower theme and is doing some exciting applique. She also brought along a knitting bag done in very small hexagons, in great maroon colours and all hand stitched. Lots of admirers on that one.

Sandra's Silk

Beautiful Balls
Sandra has been working for many months on a crazy quilt and has been toiling away with beads, thread and embellishments to come up with a work of art. Finished product should be available for viewing soon. She also creates fabric balls which are somehow 3D, perfectly symmetrical and fun. Much admire and fondled.

Happy Hex's

And if she hasn't been busy enough...Sandra has also produced this delightful ball quilt for a beautiful baby. A great addition to a nursery.

Jess's Jigsaw
Jess is a very prolific quilter and seems to bring along a new and exciting finished product each week. This week she came along with something unfinished, liked it but was over it and has therefore donated it to the group to do with as they please. A few suggestions were to finish it and draw straws for who would get to keep it, donate it to a charity who are happy to finish it off or throw the problem open for any other suggestions. Jess has been very kind to donate all of the fabric and so it would be good if all of us could put our heads together and come up with an appropriate use for this. It looked perfect to have a play with. Thinking caps on girls!

Vicki's Variety

 Vicki has been quietly coming to quilting for many months, toiling away at her hand stitching and being coy about what she was producing. Finally, the reveal. We were all delighted to see her completed blocks for a reading quilt for her grandchildren. A generous and loving gift to delight any young child and a delicious palette of colours and designs. Lots of oohs and ahhs over this one.

Rhonda's Raptuous Relics

Rhonda is a very experienced traveller to India and regularly conducts textile tours. She recently came back with some wonderful embellishments and so generously offered us all pieces of mirrored ribbon, sparkly trinkets, buttons, paisleys and all sorts of shiny objects that we have been able to incorporate into projects. Here are just two that Carole has used in a simple scrappy quilt just to ramp it up a bit. More photos will appear in future blogs as the pieces appear in who knows what! A thoughtful and fun gift Rhonda.

Ya Hui's welcome
Our new quilter Ya Hui has been toiling away on the sewing machine and is finally ready to piece her blocks together. She has chosen this fabric for a young girls quilt and has lots of encouragement from us all, especially Marianne.

To all those who attend either every week or only sporadically, we love your company, are amazed at your skills and welcome your input. It is a great day in the week and provides friendship and comfort to those who are often away from other friends and loved ones for far too long. Keep on keeping on.

A gentle reminder to those whose ANZA membership is not current. It can easily be forgotten if you have missed emails or have been out of the country. Membership is due on the anniversary of joining so if you have not been receiving ANZA updates then this might be the reason. A worthwhile and necessary obligation if you are to be part of our group. Of course those exempt are the treasured friends who are leaving us very soon, Melissa, Marg, Elizabeth and others who may know but are not telling. Que sera sera!

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