Thursday, May 9, 2013

We've been busy!

I thought I'd get in a quick update while Carole has been away enjoying what the region has to offer.   Easier said than done.  I now have too many cameras, phones and other media storage devices which are not behaving as best friends should, so hence the delay.

This photo reminded me of the "olden" days when everyone used to gather at a quilting bee and all work on the same quilt.'s only two in this pic, but everyone was very studious.
Wendy is busy appliqueing blocks from a Piece O' Cake design book....looking very good.
Jessie whipped up the following quilt - her own design - using jelly rolls and a clever angled ruler.  The narrow strips of sashing between the zig zags really set it off well.
And how about this which is the back  of Jessie's quilt.  Looks like a bit of Jelly Roll racing has been going on....
We gave Melissa her memory blocks as she is leaving us to head back to a less humid, frizzy and stressful environment.  More pics of these to follow.
We all have days like engrossed in what we are stitching...we manage to sew ourselves together!
and we had two special visitors today....Becky and Tom!  (Not related)
Rhonda returned from a visit to India bearing lovely gifts of small embroidered paisleys, motifs and laces.  Sandra has already used some of them in her work...lovely.
and finally some shots from out and about in Singapore....courtesy of the bathroom floor and billiard room floor in Raffles Hotel.
Over and out....and back to you Carole!





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